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Pacific Coast Region NMRA Annual Convention

Sugar Pine Centennial 2021 - Virtual

April 24, 2021
Via Zoom from Fresno, California

SIG Program

SIG Program Coordinator: Vacant

Sugar Pine Centennial 2021, PCR's annual convention has been cancelled!

Planning is already underway to provide an online virtual event on Saturday, April 24th, which will retain the name Sugar Pine Centennial 2021. We are planning virtual clinics, virtual "Meet-the-Modeler", a virtual keynote dinner presentation (you provide your own dinner), virtual layout tours, and layout owner panel discussion.

The Layout Design Special Interest Group (LDSIG) and Operations SIG (OPSIG) will host a clinic track all day Friday, followed by a SIG Roundtable /Meet and Greet in the evening. These activities are open to all convention registrants.

SIG Clinic Track – Friday

List of clinics coming soon! Check back here often or the News & Updates page for the latest information.

All SIG track clinics are in the TBA Room.

SIG Roundtable / Meet and Greet – Friday

7:00-10:00 PM. ALL convention attendees welcome!

Prototype Operating Sessions

All Sugar Pine Centennial 2021 convention registrants are eligible to participate in Prototype Operating Sessions. These sessions are offered with the intention that many who normally do not participate in these structured operating events will take advantage of this open enrollment. No previous operating session experience is necessary, just a desire to run a model railroad as if it were a real transportation system. This is not a special club or special interest group (SIG) event. It is open to all PCR convention registrants.

Operating Sessions Coordinator
Tom Sciara

Signing Up for Operating Sessions

Four weeks prior to the convention, all registrants will be contacted by email with the operating sessions schedule and a form for layout preferences to fill out and return to the coordinator. Layout preferences will be given according to dates that the forms are received.

The SIGs

The prime purpose of the Layout Design Special Interest Group (LDSIG) is to help modelers design and build a model railroad to enhance future operations with minimum space and cost, while avoiding common design flaws, and include prototypical and model design features that maximize operating interest and visual interest.

The Operations Special Interest Group (OPSIG) is devoted to furthering the simulation of prototypical operating practices by using the forms, procedures, communications, and train schedules on model railroads.

Members of other NMRA SIGs are welcome to participate in Sugar Pine Centennial 2021 and, if interested, are encouraged to contact me.

For more information about other NMRA SIGs, see the NMRA's Special Interest Groups webpage.

Seth Neumann
NMRA SIG Program Coordinator

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