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Rails Across the Bay 2009 Convention
April 15 - 19, 2009

Operating Sessions

Open to ALL Registrants

All registrants of the Rails Across the Bay 2009 PCR Convention are eligible and invited to participate in these Prototype Operating Sessions. The sessions are offered with the hope that many who normally do not participate in structured operating sessions will take advantage of this opportunity and particpate in broadening their model railroading experiences.

No previous experience is necessary, just a desire to run a model railroad as if it were a real transportation system. This is not a special club or special interest group (SIG) event. It is open to all convention attendees.

Sign-up by E-mail

To sign up for operating sessions, send an e-mail to David Parks, Ops Sessions Chairman.

You may signup for as many sessions as you wish, but you may not get them all. Please list the layouts in your order of preference. You may include special instructions such as “only one session” or as “many as I can get or” or “if I get this one – not that one”. We will try to get you your first choice and then allocate the space from there.

Generally, all crew positions are open to guests, although some jobs, such as Dispatcher, require some experience. All crew assignments are by advance reservation only. List your choices in the order of preference and how many sessions you want. There may be minor adjustments in the times. All layouts are HO-scale, with DCC control systems.

Wednesday, April 15

David Parks – 7:00 to 10:00 PM – Los Altos. Cumberland West – Western Maryland and B&O
The Western Maryland and B&O, set in Cumberland, MD in 1953, is single layer layout in a 1,200 sq. ft. room with "mole" staging. Backdrop closely follows the prototype. Base scenery and a few structures are in place. Both railroads are coal dominated. The WM local trains service many on-line coal mines. The B&O focuses on coal train marshalling at Keyser, WV. The op session may involve elements of either or both railroads, depending on crew size. Coal business operations is simulated with a Coal Manager. Touch-screen tower operations. Multi-channel telephone system. Digitrax DCC. More info and photos

Thursday, April 16

Bob Osborn – 7:00 to 10:00 PM – Pleasanton – Chicago & Mackinac Railroad
A new layout modeling C&M in northern Michigan. The C&M is set in 1967 and runs from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Mackinaw City, Michigan. The layout includes the route from Grand Rapids to Mackinaw City. 300’ of single track mainline with numerous passing sidings is in a partial mushroom design. Nicknamed “The Bridge Route”, it carries considerable bridge traffic from Mackinaw City to Fort Wayne to interchange with the Pennsylvania RR and various other railroads. Track is complete with some scenery and structures. Easy DCC. Website: www.cmrailroad.com
More info and photos

Friday, April 17

Jim Radkey – 7:00 to 10 PM – Albany – BNSF Pink Lady Subdivision
The BNSF Pink Lady Subdivision is freelanced and occupies a 21' x 17' garage. It is based on the Pink Lady Mine (PLM) in the Warner Mountains, located in the extreme northeastern corner of California. There are three decks of track that follow the walls and a central peninsula. The train line-up has 3 Locals, 2 drag freights, expedited through traffic and various extras, as required. Currently the layout has no scenery, but it has some mock-up buildings in industrial areas. FRS radios. (5 channel radios are used if there are insufficient FRS radios, so bring both if you have them). NCE DCC. More info and photos

Silicon Valley Lines Club – 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM – San Jose
An 1,800 sq ft freelanced double-deck national railroad with a minor HOn3 branchline. There are 19 control blocks and several large staging yards. Diesel era freight hauler with numerous steam engines held over from an earlier period. Many through freight and passenger trains support a number of switching locals and trains hauling commodities required by on-line industries. Operations are controlled by a dispatcher with computer generated switch lists. A large central yard can be used to support block transfers and classification for locals. The nearby passenger terminal has 4 through tracks to support a variety of passenger trains. Touch screens augment route control. FRS radios and NCE DCC. Website: www.siliconvalleylines.com/home.html
More info and photos

Saturday, April 18

California Central Model Railroad Club – 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Santa Clara
The California Central Lines, HO & HOn3, is a freelanced California-based mainline railroad extending from the San Francisco Bay Area to points north and east. Features 1,000' of single track mainline, dual-gauge branchline, including five mainline towns. Fully sceniced with beautiful backdrops painted by renowned railroad artist Mike Kotowski. Transition era operations include both steam and diesel mainline passenger trains and through freights that setout blocks of cars at on-line yards. Additional assignments include a high traffic branchline, locals that switch on-line industries, a dispatcher, a major yard and two smaller yard areas that support local industries and the branchline interchange. The layout is housed in the historic Agnew depot built for the narrow gauge South Pacific Coast in 1877. Railroad Model Craftsman, February 2000, Model Railroader, February 1988. Telephones. Digitrax DCC. More info and photos

Sunday, April 19

Don Marenzi – 10:30 AM to 4 PM – Newark – Copper Pass and Western
An Alaskan railroad that could have been, but was not built. This garage-sized two level layout, set in 1976, principal's traffic consists of coal, copper and forest products southbound, with supplies and fuel northbound, including supplies for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Motive power is mostly 1st and 2nd generation EMD’s with some early ALCo power running out their last miles. Scenery is 20% complete. FRS radios. Easy DCC wireless throttles. More info and photos

To sign up for any operating sessions, send an e-mail to David Parks, Operating Sessions Chairman

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