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Do you want to create better model railroad structures, scenery, or rolling stock? Are you preparing to submit models in a contest, or for Achievement Program evaluation to seek a Merit Award? Are you curious about what gives scenery and models that extra boost from "great" to "outstanding"? If you say "Yes!" to any of these, we have the virtual program for you.

See the PCR Master Calendar for complete information about a very special event July 11, 2020, on what details matter and what judges look for, plus tips and techniques to move your modeling one step up.

PCR Contests Information

Contest Directory - Complete - (392K)

Appendix A: PCR Contest Forms

Appendix A - Complete - (248K)

Model Contest Forms

Model Contest Cover Sheet - (105K)

Model Contest Entry Form - Open, Kit, & Novice - (100K)

Model Contest Entry Form - Youth - (215K)

Photo Contest Forms

Photo Contest Entry Form - (71K)

Photo Contest Judges and Participants Guide - (143K)

Portable Layout/Module Contest Forms

Portable Layout/Module Contest Cover Sheet - (63K)

Portable Layout/Module Contest Entry Form - (77k)

Portable Layout/Module Contest Rules and Judging Guidelines - (158K)

Arts & Crafts Contest Forms

Arts & Crafts Entry Form - (68K)

Arts & Crafts Judges Score Sheet - (32K)

Appendix B: Model Contest Entry Form Aids

Appendix B - Complete - (102K)


Model Contest Entry Form Hints and Tips - (20K) - by Jack Burgess, MMR

Getting the Most From Your Contest Entry - (7K) - by Jim Tangney, MMR

Appendix C: Model Contest Judging Guidelines

Appendix C - Complete - (100K)

Appendix D: PCR Contest Practices

Appendix D - Complete - (70K)

Achievement Program Information

NMRA Achievement Program – Virtual Judging & Evaluation (159K)

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