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December 2008 Meet Report and Contest Recap

December 2008 Meet Report


We had so many beautiful models displayed again for all of us to enjoy.  We had switching contests, photo contests, and fun was had by all.  Thank you to *all* the participants who entered and put on such a good show for the rest of us;  we hope you enjoyed our deep admiration and appreciation for your sharing it with us.

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Model Contest
Show and Tell
Meet Clinics
Switching Contest
Photo Contest
Our Volunteers

Click here to see the upcoming Coast Division Model Contest and Photo Contest categories for future meets!

You can click on any of the thumbnails below, to see a larger photo of the absolutely gorgeous models presented at the December 2008 Coast Division Meet.

Model Contest

*Congratulations* to the Model Contest winners by Popular Vote.   Thanks to *all* who participated - you are all winners by making a great show for us all.
New web page feature:     Closeups!        Click on the small thumbnails to see a close-up view of the Model Contest entries.

By Popular Vote, the Model Contest  lucky winners were:

Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

"Favorite Model"

(open category)

 Steve Wesolowski

Nevada Country Narrow Gauge - Chicago Park Depot, scratchbuilt  in HO

Click the small thumbnails  for closeups
 Bob Booth

Texas & New Orleans boxcar in HO, heavily weathered


Click the small thumbnails  for closeups
 Kenneth Martin

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Inspection Car #9012 in HO

Click the small thumbnails for closeups

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All of our entrants had great models to share with us,
you put on a great show and inspired the rest of us.  All of you are winners just by participating:


hank You to *all* that entered a model,    We hope you enjoyed our admiration of your work.  
We all are fortunate to have the opportunity to come together.   Remember, the Model Contest is not about winning, it's about participating and having fun doing it.   Your model is better than you think it is!   Come on out to the next Meet's Model Contest or Show and Tell, we'd love to see your work.   Here's a picture of our December 2008 Model Contest Table:

In the end,
NMRA contests are not about winning, rather, they are about the fun of participating, about sharing your pride and joy in modeling, and having fun challenging and inspiring yourself.  We all love love to see your pride and joys.  Bring something to share, and enter for the fun of it!
Click here to see the upcoming Model Contest categories.

Model Contest and Show and Tell Chair: John Sing
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Show and Tell   at December 2008 Coast Division Meet

We also had great participation and wonderful models in our regular quarterly Show and Tell table.
Our table featured a wide variety of models both big and small, and included another Anaheim National NMRA Convention 2008 contest winner as well :  



We were honored to also in Show and Tell, a NMRA National Convention 2008 Award Winner, in the "People's Choice Award - Favorite Train" category - our very own Bob Wirthlin, MMR, for his Southern Pacific Fire Train in HO:



Here's two pictures of our December 2008 Show and Tell Tables:


Thanks again to all who participated, and we look forward to seeing you at Show and Tell in upcoming Meets.  Bring something that you would like share - a model(s), display about your current project, a work in progress, it's up to you, as any category is always welcome for Show and Tell.   Come on out, we love to see what you're up to! 

Coast Division Model Contest and Show and Tell Chair: John Sing

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Meet Clinics

One of the Clinics at the December 2008 Meet was on "Free-Mo-N, N-Scale Modular System", given by Dave Falkenburg, and assisted by Eric Eggel, Dustin Shoup, and Stephen Williams.   Here are some photos:


Click here to download and see Acrobat Reader copy of the clinic (2.4 MB).
Click on the following photo links to see what is going on worldwide with Free-Mo-N: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Thanks for giving the clinic, guys!

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Results of the December 2008 Switching Contest :    (Congratulations to all who participated!)

At every Coast Division Meet, we have the Allen Fenton Memorial Timesaver switching contest. 
The game is to complete the switching puzzle in the shortest period of time.  Anyone can enter!  It's fun!

Click below to learn about the Timesaver - You Got to Try It!

The "Timesaver" is a fun, devilish little switching puzzle devised by the late, great model railroader, John Allen

Click on  these links above to learn more about the Timesaver, about John Allen, or his world famous HO Gorre & Daphetid model railroad, which inspired an entire generation of model railroaders worldwide.   John Allen lived in Monterey, California, and was a long time member of the Coast Division until his passing in 1973.

The winners in the Senior Brakeperson category (6 car problem) are as follows.  Congratulations!

First Place Second Place Third Place
  Steve Wesolowski

  Tom  Crawford
   Alan Havens

Brakeperson category (5 car problem):

First Place Second Place Third Place
(we did not have any entrants in the Brakeperson category this time.  Come on out next time and take on the TimeSaver, you got to try it!   :-)


Congratulations to all, and a special thanks to our Coast Division Switching Contest Chair: Mark Schutzer,  who keeps the Allen Fenton Timesaver switching puzzle running smoothly like a (fast) Swiss watch.  

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Results of the December 2008 Photo Contest :    (Congratulations to all who participated!)

The theme was:  "Model Photos":

There were many artistic, noteworthy, and creative entries, and every one is worthy of award and mention.   Thank you to all who brought your photo to share, we all love seeing your work.  

By popular vote, the lucky Photo Contest winners were:

First Place Second Place Third Place


Pat LaTorres - 
"John Wayne on the Sundance Central"



Kenneth Martin -
"Colorado and Southern"


Steve Skold - "Wedding Bouquet Car"

We had more great entries, all of whom are artistic, interesting, and talented: :


Thank you to all who participated.  We hope you enjoyed a few minutes of fame and the ongoing admiration, of your fellow NMRA modellers and guests.

Here is our December 2008 Photo Contest table:


Bring a photo to the next Meet's Photo Contest!  Click here to see the upcoming categories.

Coast Division Photo Contest Chair: Pat LaTorres
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Our Volunteers

We are very fortunate to have wonderful volunteers at all of our Meets, and every quarter we like to share a few photos of these folks who give their time and energy for us all.

Our new Registrar, Randy Homan:


Our Regional Convention 2009 display, with our Chief Clerk Tom Crawford manning the information table:

Regional Convention 2009 in Fremont, California, from April 15-19, is going to be a great time!    Click here to find out more info, and register online.

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Upcoming Model Contest categories:

Coast Division Model Contest Results for March 2009 will be determined by Popular Vote.  Arrive and enter early to get more votes!

March 2009:           Freight Car,  Caboose,  Maintenance of Way

June 2009:               Structure, Display/Diorama,  Self-Propelled Cars & Traction

September 2009:      Steam Locomotives, Diesel & other locomotives, Passenger Car

December 2009:       "Favorite Model" (open category)

Optional:  NMRA Judging is available at the Coast Division Meet to any Model Contest participant for:

- Achievement Program Merit Points
- Regional/National Contest entry preparation 'dry-run' and friendly expert advice     
- Or, just to see how you would have done (smile!)

Please contact the current Coast Division Model Contest Chair, John Sing,  or the current Achievement Program chair Kermit Paul, if you would to have your model judged at the upcoming meet.
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Upcoming Photo Contest categories:

March 2009:        "Working on the Railroad"

All photos should be matted (inexpensive, resusable mattes can be had at most art supply stores) and should be between 5x7 and 11x14 in size. Hope to see your work there!

Results are determined by Popular Vote. Bring your photos early to get the early votes.

Photo Contest Chair:  Pat LaTorres  
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