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NMRA 2021 Virtual National Convention


July 6 – 10, 2021
Santa Clara, California


Tip #1: View the "How to Get Around" Video!

VIEW "How to Get Around" VIDEO

View the video on how to get around the Rails by the Bay 2021 NMRA National Convention Zoom Webinar to have the best possible experience with the convention.

How to Get Around video, presented by John Abatecola. (6:27)

Tip #2: Time to Read E-mails!

The convention has begun sending important technical information and connection details to all registered participants!

Look for messages from "NMRA 2021" or "greathall@nmra2021.com" in your inbox. "Great Hall" is our general-purpose meeting area. These messages will have essential info about how to connect to different sessions.

Didn't receive at least one message? Send an inquiry to greathall@nmra2021.com.

Tip #3: Use a Computer!

We recommend joining the convention using a computer, such as a laptop or desktop machine. Tablet computers and smartphones can be used but will not provide the best experience.

Tip #4: Use the most current version of Zoom!

If you are not on the latest version of Zoom (version 5.7.1 as of 7/3/21), the features you need to get around, will not be there. You may want to have a reminder to check Zoom every morning before the convention to ensure you have the latest version.

To check for updates, sign in to the Zoom desktop client and click your profile picture in the upper right corner, then click Check for Updates. If there is a newer version, Zoom will download and install it.

Tip #5: Watch Layout Tour videos before the convention!

Visit the Layout Tours page and start watching the layout tour videos now, especially of the layout owners that are scheduled for the live moderated Layout Owner Panels to be ready to ask them questions and learn from them.

Tip #6: Change your Zoom Account Name!

As in any convention, a name badge is important for others to find and identify you. In the Zoom technology we are using for the event, your Zoom profile name is your badge. For this reason, we ask you to change your profile name to:

First Last Name - City/State (Province or Country) - NMRA Region/Division

For example: Dave Grenier - Fresno, CA - PCR/Daylight Division

You can change this by accessing your Zoom profile on the Zoom web page or in the Zoom application on your device. You must have a Zoom account and be logged in to access your profile.

Ed Slintak, Chairman
Rails by the Bay 2021
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