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NMRA 2021 Virtual National Convention


July 6 – 10, 2021
Santa Clara, California


Zoom Volunteer Coordinator:
Cydney George-Abatecola

Rails By The Bay
Virtual needs

Welcome and thank you for volunteering! Volunteers are the lifeblood of any convention and Rails by the Bay, although virtual this year, is no exception.

What We Need

Each day of the virtual convention (July 6-10), there are 2 tracks (or webinar meeting links) and one “Great Hall" with breakout rooms that need volunteers for morning, afternoon, and evening shifts. The volunteer positions are: Clinic Track Moderators, Information Desk Operators, Information Desk Operator Assistants, and Breakout Room Moderators, as described below.

We will conduct trainings on Zoom so that you have all the knowledge you need and feel comfortable during your volunteer shifts. Volunteers will get access to the shifts they work but will need to register to gain access to the full convention. *Please note, each shift has at least one scheduled break.

Job Descriptions

Clinic Track Moderators – Moderate the chat window (keep the chat on topic, promote discussion on the topic, encourage questions for clinician), share needed links with attendees, and encourage attendees to visit the breakout rooms. Sign up HERE.

Information Desk Operator – Share important information on screen, help direct attendees to breakout rooms and answer questions as attendees enter the Great Hall. Sign up HERE.

Information Desk Operator Assistant – Assist the Information Desk Operator. Sign up HERE.

Breakout Room Moderator – Circulate among the breakout rooms assisting attendees. Promote discussion among attendees, introduce people in breakout rooms, be welcoming, helpful and promote social interaction among attendees. Sign up HERE.


Do you want to volunteer but have questions or an issue to resolve before you can sign up for a specific slot? Let us know by clicking the link below. We will be in touch with you soon.


By volunteering to help in any position, you can renew old friendships, make new friends, and help make this convention the best that it can possibly be. Remember, you always get more than you give!

Thanks in advance for your support.

Cydney George-Abatecola
Volunteer Coordinator
Rails by the Bay

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