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Daylight Contest Policies

Contest Categories

The contest categories for upcoming meets are the same as the categories in the PCR Contest Directory, as published on the PCR website on the "Contest Information" page.

  • Summer Meet, Goleta, July 27, 2019
  • Model: Structure
  • Photo: Model Black & White
  • Fall Meet, November 2019
  • Model: Display
  • Photo: Model Color
  • Winter Meet, February 2020
  • Model: Caboose
  • Photo: Tracks and Structures
  • Spring Meet, May 2020
  • Model: Steam Locomotive and Traction / Self-Propelled Cars
  • Photo: Trains in Action
  • Summer Meet, August 2020
  • Model: Diesel and other locomotive (non-steam)
  • Photo: Model Black & White
  • Fall Meet, October 2020
  • Model: Passenger Car
  • Photo: Model Color
  • Winter Meet, February 2021
  • Model: Freight Car
  • Photo: General Rail Subjects
  • Spring Meet, April 2021
  • Model: Maintenance of Way
  • Photo: Working on the Railroad

Coast Rails 2014 PCR Convention Contests, 5/03/14, Daylight Winners

  • Tom Van Horn won 1st place in Popular Vote: Photo and Best of Show: Photo with his "Railtown Machine Shop" photo (below)
  • Tom Van Horn won 2nd place in Photo: Trains in Action with his "Emily Shay" photo
  • Jayne Harmon won 1st place in Popular Vote: Arts & Crafts and Arts & Crafts: Needlework Pattern, plus Best of Show: Arts & Crafts for her counted cross stitch "Little Engineer"
  • Carolyn Weber won 2nd place in Popular Vote: Arts & Crafts for her "Saticoy Depot" entry
  • Dorothy Deis won 2nd place in Arts & Crafts: Needlework Pattern for her "Tisket a Tasket" red work quilt
  • Michael Haworth won the Ingenuity Award for his GE ES44AC #4700 wrapped diesel
  • Michael Haworth won 1st place in Models: Diesel Locomotive Open for his GE ES44AC #4700
  • Michael Haworth won 1st place in Models: Passenger Car Open for his UP theater car "Idaho"
  • Michael Haworth won 2nd place in Models: Passenger Car Open for his UP theater car "Fox Valley"

Congratulations to everyone that entered the contests!

To see the full contest report and photos of the winning entries, see Giuseppe Aymar's "PCR Contest Report" starting on page 11 of the July-September 2014 PCR Branch Line newsletter.

Fresno Meet, 2/22/14, Contest Winners

Model: Caboose
John Houlihan
Photo: Track and Structures
Tom Van Horn
John Houlihan's Max Gray O Scale Caboose
O scale Max Gray AT&SF #2035
Tom Van Horn's Railtown Shop Scene
Railtown Machine Shop

San Luis Obispo Meet, 11/16/13, Contest Winners

Model: Diesel Locomotive
George Gibson
Photo: Passenger Train
Mike Mickens
George Gibson's Box Cab Diesels
HO Scale DK&P Boxcab Diesels
Mike Mickens' Grand Canyon Railroad photo
"The Grand Canyon Railroad in Snow,
Williams, AZ."

Daylight Division Contest Policies

  • There will be favorite (voted) and judged model contests, beginning with the August 2014 meet. The Photo Contest will continue as a favorite (voted) contest.
  • Only NMRA members in good standing may enter the contests.
  • Everyone who enters a contest will receive a voucher for one raffle ticket. (One per person, regardless of how many entries you have.)
  • First place winners will receive a plaque and a ribbon. Ribbons will be awarded to second and third place winners.
  • A different category will be chosen for each meet’s favorite model and favorite photo contests and published in The Daylight Observation newsletter and on this website.
  • If you bring a model or photo to a meet that does not fall into the category for that meet, it will be for display only (no prize or raffle ticket) or the judged model contest.
  • The judged model contest will be conducted according to the PCR Contest Directory, as published on the PCR website's "Contest Information" page.
  • If you enter a model for judging, fill out a Model Contest Entry Form. Blank forms will be available at the meets, but it is much easier to leisurely prepare the form at home.
  • Judged models attaining a point score of at least 87.5 points entitles the entrant to a Merit Award which counts towards Master Builder Awards in the NMRA Achievement Program.
  • Model contest judges earn 1 Time Unit towards their AP Association Volunteer certificate. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SERVICE AS YOU DO IT.

Chuck Harmon, MMR®, Contests Chair
Dave Grenier, Achievement Program Manager

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