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Pacific Coast Region NMRA Annual Convention

Rails by the River 2023

April 26 – April 30, 2023
Sacramento, California


Function Name E-Mail Address
Co-Chairs Chip Meriam
Jim Collins
FRRS Co-Chairs Kerry Cochran
Eugene Vicknair
Registrar Michael Eldridge rbr23registrar@pcrnmra.org
Treasurer Michael Eldridge rbr23treasurer@pcrnmra.org
Facilities Lou Anderson rbr23facilities@pcrnmra.org
Publicity / Social Media Dave Putnam rbr23avcoord@pcrnmra.org
Webmaster Jim Collins rbr23webmaster@pcrnmra.org
Clinics Dave Bayless rbr23clinics@pcrnmra.org
FRRS Clinics Kerry Cochran rbr23frrsclinics@pcrnmra.org
Contests Mike Hamlin rbr23contests@pcrnmra.org
A/V Coordinator

Virtual Convention Coord.
Dave Putnam rbr23avcoord@pcrnmra.org
Excursions Brian Witt rbr23proto@pcrnmra.org
Layout Tours & Operating Sessions Scott Inman rbr23layouts@pcrnmra.org
Non-Rail Activities Mary Moore-Campagna rbr23nonrail@pcrnmra.org
Volunteer Coordinator Paul Paoli rbr23volunteer@pcrnmra.org
SIG Activities Seth Neumann rbr23sig@pcrnmra.org
Timetable Tom Campbell
Hobo-in-Charge Lou Anderson rbr23hobo@pcrnmra.org
Company Store David Fryman rbr23chair@pcrnmra.org
Vendors Eugene Vicknair rbr23vendors@pcrnmra.org
Banquet Lou Anderson rbr23banquet@pcrnmra.org
Convention Shirts Chip Meriam rbr23chair@pcrnmra.org
Sierra Division Superintendent Chip Meriam
PCR Contest Department Manager Earl Girbovan pcrContestDeptMgr@pcrnmra.org
PCR Convention Department Manager Tom Crawford pcrConvDeptMgr@pcrnmra.org
PCR Webmaster Dave Grenier pcrWebmaster@pcrnmra.org

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