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September 2006 Meet

*Congratulations* to the Model Contest winners by Popular Vote.   Thanks to *all* who participated - you are all winners by making a great show for us all.  

Click here to see the upcoming Coast Division Model Contest and Photo Contest categories for 2006 and 2007!

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger photo of the Model Contest entry.
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Steam Locomotive
Pat LaTorres - HO Johnstown & Reinstra Heisler #1

Steam Loco First Place Sept 06 to Pat LaTorres

Mark Schutzer - HO Southern Pacific 0-8-0 switcher #4503

Steam Loco 2nd_Place Mark Schutzer

Diesel Locomotoive
Tom Vanden Bosch - Gulf Mobile & Ohio Ingalls diesel #1900   - a work in progress.  Click the picture below to see the model:
Diesel Loco - 1st Place

Click here to see more information about the prototype for this model

Passenger Car
Tom Vanden Bosch - Colorado Midland Chair Car #112

Passenger Car 1st_Place

Model Contest and Show and Tell Chair: John Sing

We had another nice showing at the Show and Tell Table at the September 2006 Coast Division Meet!

Click on the thumbnail below to see the Show and Tell models. Thank You to all who participated!




Model Contest and Show and Tell Chair: John Sing

Results of the September 2006 Switching Contest :    (Congratulations to all who participated!)

The winners in the Brakeperson category (5 car problem) are:

First Place Second Place Third Place

Graham Church

Pat LaTorres

Rick Lutrell

The winners in the Senior Brakeperson category (6 car problem) are:

First Place Second Place Third Place

Tom Crawford

Rick Lutrell

Steve Wesolowski

Tom protests the senior rankings, since we know that Mark Schutzer beat Tomís time, but refused to count it :-) .

Also, at this meet, we changed the Switching Contest rules so that if a participant graduates to Senior Brakeperson (i.e. beats a time of 7 minutes), his last time as a Brakeperson counts toward a Brakeperson award. In the past, many of us did our best times ever as Brakepersons, only to have the time discounted because we got promoted to Senior!

Switching Contest Chair: Mark Schutzer

Results of the September 2006 Photo Contest :    (Congratulations to all who participated!)

The theme was:  "Railroad Structures":

First Place Second Place Third Place
Ken Luders - "A Water Tank"

Photo Contest Chair: Pat LaTorres

Upcoming Model Contest categories:

Coast Division Model Contest Results for December 2006 will be determined by Popular Vote.  Arrive and enter early to get more votes! 

December 2006:  "Favorite Model" (open category)

March 2007:         Freight car,  Caboose,  Maintenance of Way

June 2007:           Structure, Display/Diorama,  Self-propelled Cars & Traction

Sept 2007:            Steam locomotives, Diesel & other locomotives,  Passenger Car

Optional:  NMRA Judging is available at the Coast Division Meet to any Model Contest participant for:

- Achievement Program Merit Points
- Regional/National Contest entry preparation 'dry-run' and friendly expert advice     
- Or, just to see how you would have done (smile!)

Please contact the current Model Contest Chair, John Sing ( ) or current Achievement Program chair if you would to have your model judged at the upcoming meet.

Upcoming Photo Contest categories:

December 2006:             "Trains As Art"

These should be photos which accentuate the artistic rather than the literal nature of railroad subjects.

All photos should be matted (inexpensive, resusable mattes can be had at most art supply stores) and should be between 5x7 and 11x14 in size. Hope to see your work there!

Results are determined by Popular Vote. Bring your photos early to get the early votes.

Photo Contest Chair: Pat LaTorres

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