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Coast Division Model Contest Winners

June 2006 Meet

*Congratulations* to the Model Contest winners by Popular Vote.   Thanks to *all* who participated - you are all winners by making a great show for us all.  

Click here to see the upcoming Coast Division Model Contest and Photo Contest categories for 2006!

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger photo of the model entry.
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Alf Modine - O scale - North Shore, Skokie Valley Line, Sheridan Elms Station
Structure_1st_Place_North_Shore_Station by Alf_Modine
This entry also received a Achievement Program Merit Award
Steve Wesolowski - HOn3 Water Tank

Structure_2nd_Place_HOn3_Water_Tank by Steve_Wesolowski

Andrew Merriam - Derelict Oil Well

Traction, Self-propelled
Andrew Merriam - D&RGW Coach #592

Traction_1st_Place_Self_propelled_HO_DRGW_Coach_592 by Andrew_Merriam
Andrew Merriam - Pacific Electric Baggage/RPO
Traction_2nd_Place_HO_Pacific_Electric_Baggage_RPO_2 by Andrew Merriam

Tie - George Freisleben - Pacific Electric #1601 and SF Muni Market St. Rwy #1722



We had another nice showing at the Show and Tell Table at the June 2006 Coast Division Meet!

Click on the thumbnail below to see the Show and Tell models. Thank You to all who participated!

HO Southern Pacific 0-6-0 #1278 by Mark Schutzer   HO Southern Pacific 4-8-2 Daylight Mountain #4xxx by Mark Schutzer    HO Southern Pacific SD40-T2 #8376 by Pat LaTorres   HO Southern Pacific SD40-T2 #7347 by Pat LaTorres

Thumb3_Show_and_Tell_N_SP_0-6-6-0_Woodchip_Train_by_Mike_Blumensaadt_5.jpg  Show_and_Tell_N_SP_0-6-6-0_Woodchip_Train_by_Mike_Blumensaadt_4.jpg   Thumb1_Show_and_Tell_N_SP_0-6-6-0_Woodchip_Train_by_Mike_Blumensaadt_3.jpg  HO Southern Pacific SD40-T2 #8312 by Pat LaTorres


Results of the June 2006 Switching Contest :    (Congratulations to all who participated!)

The winners in the Brakeperson category (5 car problem) are:

First Place Second Place Third Place
Steve Wesolowski

A special recognition to Jim Radkey, who with a ripping time of 5:04, at this meet graduated from Brakeperson to Senior BrakePerson in the Switching Contest!   (Switching Contest participants graduate to Senior Brakeperson by doing the 5 car problem in less than 7:00 minutes).

The winners in the Senior Brakeperson category (6 car problem) are:

First Place Second Place Third Place
Bill Burket
Tom Crawford
Alan Havens

Results of the June 2006 Photo Contest :    (Congratulations to all who participated!)

The theme was:  "Computer Enhanced Photos":

First Place Second Place Third Place
Mark Schutzer
Mark Schutzer
Steve Wesolowski

Upcoming Model Contest categories:

September 2006:   Steam locomotives,  Diesel & other locomotives,   Passenger car

December 2006:   "Favorite Model" (open category)

March 2007:         Freight car,  Caboose,  Maintenance of Way

Coast Division Model Contest Results for September 2006 will be determined by Popular Vote.   

Optional:  NMRA Judging is available at the Coast Division Meet to any Model Contest participant for:
- Achievement Program Merit Points
- Regional/National Contest entry preparation 'dry-run' and friendly expert advice     
- Or, just to see how you would have done (smile!)

Upcoming Photo Contest categories:

September 2006:             (to be announced, watch your Coast Dispatcher)

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