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Pacific Coast Region NMRA
Enduring Rails 2018 PCR & NWPRRHS Convention

April 4 – 8, 2018
Rohnert Park, California

Non-Rail Activities

Non-Rail Chair
Mary Moore-Campagna

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This year's Enduring Rails 2018 PCR Convention will feature a program for the Non-Rail attendees. All Non-Rail convention attendees are cordially invited to visit the Non-Rails Room and enjoy the fun, fellowship, and activities.

All on-site Non-Rail clinics and activities (except for contest entries and judging) will be in the Non-Rails Room.


(NOTE: Tours will all be in private cars - no buses)

People wanting to go to the Sturgeon's Mill tour on Friday morning can go to the Schulz Museum on Thursday morning, as it is open on both days.


Non-Rail attendees will have a variety of activities to choose from. The Non-Rails Room will be the place to gather in for crafts, games, and general socializing.

  • "Empire Builder" game - quick overview with game following (players will be in teams) - Thursday morning in the Non-Rail Room
  • Non-Rail lunch - Thursday (exact time TBD) at Boulevard Cafe in Petaluma
  • PCR Movie Night - Thursday evening at 7:30 - location TBD. This year's entertainment will feature some episodes of Oh Dr. Beeching!, a British comedy series (1995-1997) about the trials and tribulations of the staff at Hatley railway station in 1960's rural England, who are all wondering if Dr Beeching will close them down. The employees of the state run railway system are the usual bunch of misfits, constantly putting their foot in it just trying to live their normal lives.
  • PCR Bingo Night - Friday evening at 7:30 in the Non-Rail Room

Individual Activities

  • Paperback book swap
  • Crafts - quilting, knitting, crocheting, other artwork (some materials will be available)
  • Jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, card games



Non-Rail Room

All convention participants are welcome to stop by and enjoy some refreshments with the Non-Rail committee's compliments. The Non-Rail Room will be open during the following hours: (Subject to change)

Wednesday, April 4 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Thursday, April 5   9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday, April 6   9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday, April 7   9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


The Arts and Craft Contest is open to all convention registrants. Entries can be turned in during the scheduled contest room hours (see program for exact times). The results will be announced at the Awards Banquet Saturday evening.

Check the Contests webpage for more information on entry categories.

Contest entry forms will be available in the Non-Rail Room and the Contest Room.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to help staff the Non-Rail Room, please contact me.

I am still working on the clinics, so if you have a skill you would like to share, please contact me.

See you in Rohnert Park!

Mary Moore-Campagna
Non-Rail Chair

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